"Sunarise, He Come in the Morning...

....spreading all the light all around".
I was actually going down to our local butcher when I saw the sunrise and decided to take a short detour with the camera in mind and hand. Photos taken, butcher meat purchased and back up the road only to climb into the car and scoot off down to the canal. Rona walked, we went up to Stirling with Ali & Euan. (I was left in sole charge of Euan for a half hour or so and we both survived!) Home after an M&S lunch - not just any old lunch - then back down the canal to see if that heron which we spotted earlier was still there. Naturally, Mr Heron was elsewhere. Then Down the wood with Rona just to see if the big clear up had got started. Of course not, its Friday!
That's quite enough for one day, don't you think.
Have a great weekend, Blippers everywhere!

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