Stephanie's Shots

By stephanie

Helpless Hands...

This fountain is, if I remember correctly, part of a war memorial. I blipped it this morning in between some rain showers. Had a good day after that, buying myself a new bikini and new shoes :)
Bit of a depressing ending this evening as my folks were passively aggressive to each other over some stupid misunderstanding (or perhaps more 'stacked up' issues, but who knows..), which is quite frustrating if you're on the outside.. I wish people would just communicate! Anyway, time for bed now...

"There were times when we used to go out
Now all we do is scream and shout
Used to buy me things and compliment
Now everything's an argument
Tell me when it ever went wrong
Cause I don't wanna be another couple that you hear in a sad song
Why can't we communicate
Before it's much too late"

Monica - Sick & Tired

saturation -100

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