Another day in paradise?


So this is day four of our walking, and while we are getting along according to plan, this turns out to be the last day. In the morning ilses boot shows some signs of breaking down -> the soles are looking strange... Some kilometers along the road the rip starts to get bigger and bigger and half trough the day we see that the sole of the left shoe is coming off. Now before we get stuck in the middle of nowhere, whe decide that stopping at the next town (Invermoriston) might be a good plan.

While the shoes are broken, my achilles heel starts to act up... dunno what it was, but wikipedia says:

Achilles tendinitis is inflammation of the tendon, generally due to overuse of the affected limb or as part of a strain injury. More common is Achilles tendinosis, a degenerative condition with inflammation of the tendon, often accompanied by pain and swelling of the surrounding tissue and paratendon.

well, it hurt, and that's it basically :D

we hitchiked to inverness from here, to get new shoes and figure out what we wanted to do now.. 1 lift to Drumnadrochit, and one to Inverness :)

hitchiking is cool. The first dude was a guy who in the short ride told us he used to be in the navy, but hated the rough seas, his father died in the gulf war but we shouldn't be sorry, because "he was a prick", that he just moved up here, didn't like much beside walking and golf. And he didn't drink.
The second guy was a polish man that had studied law, was conned into a bad job, switched work, and now was some sort of liaison for other polish workers, that are more troublesome than other workers, and he also quickly explained his views on various political systems..

and all that in the short rides from Invermoriston to inverness :D

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