Return to the North

By Viking

Christchurch revisited

G and I went into Christchurch today to look at the devastation. I have avoided going in for a gawp, feeling that it might be a bit mawkish and disrespectful to those who have died. But after a discussion with G, who works in the city, about the fact that so many landmarks are disappearing, I thought it time I had a look.
We basically went to the new 'Cashel Mall (brightly colored containers) and worked our way around from there. On the way back out we visited the Catholic Cathedral and this was the view. It makes me weep to see the beauty of these buildings destroyed. Even more disturbing because it is already hard to think what was there before, is to see the empty spaces, the grass growing through the cracks in the concrete, and trying to remember what was there or whether it had always been an empty space.

A sad day really, and one I truly appreciate my health and happiness and a roof over my head!

To all the christchurch blippers, I love the Cantabrian resilience that I saw on the Cashel Mall and one day I hope to see a new skyline in Christchurch.

Note - earthquake this morning - i slept through it :-) 5.0 at 2.47am !!!!

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