How green is my Valley

First day of strike action, I made the decision not to this morning, a few reasons really, Why should the guys who I support have to go without what they normally have, even though today and tomorrow they cant do what they normally do

Also I can't afford to and I know that is the case for many others.
I'm not in the union so the rules are a bit different, I'd have been unofficially striking and breaking my contract
If it would help the country sort itself out I'd sooner do without a payrise .

So there we are.

I worked today with a lady who I usually support in her place of work. She was so pleased and surprised to see me today and it was great to spend a day with her, we went to Loggerheads in North Wales and we walked for about three miles, the view you can see here is where we stopped. I took some photo's of her, I wish I could show you. We had a lovely dinner and then went shopping

It made crossing the picket line worth while to see her enjoyment

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