Scary? Not exactly.

After all the nastiness of the Week From Hell it was nice to get out this evening and unwind a bit. It's Rose Festival time in St Anne's Park (which, as regular readers will know, is a favourite blip haunt of mine). I had hoped for some nice shots of beautiful roses in full bloom, but it was pretty desperately windy, there were fallen petals everywhere, and the intact roses kept on nodding their heads too ferociously for me to capture their glory adequately. The sights and scents are even finer than they were, and hopefully the wind will ease and weekend visitors to the Festival will have a chance to get maximum enjoyment from the display.

There are marquees scattered all around which were being set up and will house horticultural displays to complement the actual roses. I doubt if I'll get back to share the buzz, but it was good to be there and to get a preview of what I hope will be a great weekend. It isn't just strictly horticultural or rose-related stuff which is being featured. The actual blip is part of a display of a group of what I guess are intended to be scarecrows, though I don't think I'd be very scared of them if I were a crow.

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