My Year in Pictures

By jenny

Stow church ...

... on the horizon behind Stephen, was the near enough constant landmark on our walk today. We did a big loop down to Bourton, across to Wyck Rissington, up and down to Icomb, up to Maugersbury, across to the Oddingtons, down and along to Broadwell and back to Stow.

And the all important stats ...
Time: 6 hours, 48 minutes (and 12 seconds)
Distance: 17.97 miles (I'm going to call it 18)
Average pace: 22:43/mile
Fastest pace: 11:34/mile
Ascent: 1560 feet
Descent: 1529 feet
Calories: 2,436

Really fab loop with gorgeous weather the whole day and we both have really noticed a difference in our fitness. Though I am glad to be home with my boots off now!

And as last week ... bath, fire, roast (beef today) and then bed!

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