Occasionally Focused

By tsuken

Mahoosive Macrocarpa

And a wee boy. 8)

After a stroll on the beach at low tide followed by a lovely cafe breakfast, we all tootled off to Scott's Landing today, where I was particularly impressed by the gigantiferousness of this macrocarpa (click to embiggenate).

I did take a pic of the whole tree (I had to go a looooong way back to get the whole thing in frame), but liked this one of my boy near* the base the best.

*well, nearish; he'd run a bit of a way from it by this shot. He and His sister did a lot of running back and forth from our picnic site to the tree after we'd done swimming. We finished off with fantastic ice-cream from Matakana.

I've cropped a little to remove non-family people (it was them he was grinning at) and restore the focus to him and the tree (I hope). I also (unsurprisingly) sharpened, and added an overlay layer.

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