By CuriousGeorge

One in a Million

Yesterday, while wandering Southsea beach blipping away to my little heart's content, I was looking down at my feet for a really good skimming stone when I saw an odd looking pebble with a number stamped into it. After studying it closely and deciding it could only be alien I popped it in my pocket and walked off. After a bit of research later in the evening, my theory that aliens kept their bank details on pebbles so as not to forget them was found to be false.

The pebble is actually part of a 16 year art/social experiment by Pete Codling called 'One Million Pebbles'. Each pebble was made from clay by volunteers and stamped with its number from one to one million then scattered across Southsea beach. After reading all this I decided to go and see if I could find any more today. A couple of hours later I'm six pebbles richer, this is a picture of one I found.

Amazing what some people get up to isn't it?

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