Doing Things Differently

By PhilWWalton


Today was all about lurking and loitering.

As I loitered down Eshald Lane, trying and succeeding to find House Sparrow and Coal Tit for my Patch Year List, Bob and Alan drew up. "We're off to Temple Newsam to find Woodcock. You want to come?"

Silly, silly question. Woodcock is one of those birds that is not rare, but is hard to see. It is one of the jewels in our Patch List, and also a Lifer for me.

To find your Woodcock involves much lurking in woods and thickets. Having scoured a particular known Woodcock haunt, we were just returning to the main path when Alan flushed one. It flew straight away from him, so I got a good view.

Too fast for a photo, you'll have to make do with Alan flushing.

Oh, we also saw Siskin in the woods. So four Patch Ticks today, taking me to 76 for the year. Still 20 behind Bob, but its a total I'm happy with. Until the next time on patch :0)

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