Scoots, Shoots & Leaves

By TerriG

Liza Visits the Vet

Liza had an adventure today - a rare trip to the veterinarian.

Says Liza: I thought we were going to my doggy daycare at first - I could smell and hear a lot of other dogs. But then we went into this little room and I had to stand on this tall table and a nice lady came in and put me on the scale! And then another nice lady came in and examined me and told Terri I needed to lose weight! What?? I think I have a nice figure for a woman my age.

And THEN the nice lady put on some gloves and some KY jelly and put her finger up ... well, ew! and ow! How embarrassing. I did feel a little better when she was done though.

After she listened to my heart and looked in my ears, she said I was really healthy, but that I needed to have my teeth cleaned, even though Laurie brushes them sometimes. Terri gasped when the lady told her how much it would cost.

When we got home, I got to hang out in the house and lick babies' toes. Now it's time for a nap. That was a lot of excitement for one day!

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