After nursery and lunch, I played Noah's game with him. He had set up a swimming pool, ice skating rink and I was allowed to add a slide and some wooden rings to slide down on. I was allocated one small reindeer.

Me... 'oh a skating rink, can I come and play?'
Noah...'I'm afraid it's closed'
Me... ' can I go swimming then?'
Noah... 'I'm afraid it's closed'
Me... 'This isn't much fun, I don't get to play on anything..'
Noah...' it's open!'
Me.. 'hooray, lets go..'
Noah.. 'it's closed hahahahaha'
Me.. ' oh boo hoo etc'
Noah 'it's open!'....
Me..' oh hooray, lets go..'
Noah...'it's closed hahahahahahahahahaha' etc etc.

After all this fun, we collected the girls from school, and after they went off to gymnastics, we made a most delicious sticky lemon cake, minus the poppy seeds which are not available in the local co-op.
It's taking all my willpower not to keep eating tiny little slices every time I walk past it.

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