A Dog's Dinner

By G

Meet the future

Say hello to my brand new shiny digital camera!

The Olympus OM-D yep you heard right, the new Olympus Digital. - no it isn't but it seems it's going to look like this.

The interweb is flooded with rumours that Olympus are about to launch a new camera which will replicate the classic OM-1.

Now is this good or bad? In some ways it feels like they've made a camera just for me but on the other hand..........?

But what's this film thing anyway? Well I was all set to start a course on black and white film photography but unfortunatly I had to wait until the last minute before I could confirm and I missed the last place.

So instead of me diddling about in a dark room I'm diddling about in Lightroom.

Ah! the irony.

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