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By ajt

Dunoon Doggie

We went swimming today after work and after we got home and had dinner I wasn't feeling very photographically creative. I tried a few macro shots on my SLR and they weren't very interesting. I then tried to photograph websites with SOPA blackouts on them, but they didn't photograph all that well.

As I started to drink my tea, this little guy started to appear on the inside of my Dunoon "Scottie Dog" mug. He is rather cute and always fun to see. If you look at my blips you may notice that I have three Dunoon Scottish Dog themed mugs. We bought then one year when on holiday in Scotland a few years ago.

Before anyone comments, it is a bit silly having lots of mugs when you only need one, but I liked them all and couldn't decide which one I liked best, so I bought them all!

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