The problem with smallish objects in a home occupied by a 2 year old is that if said 2 year old decided to relocate aforementioned smallish object, there really is not much logic to where it is placed.

We have a small 2 year old hand sized key that locks the DVD/Nintendo cabinet at 2 year old height. I think you can see where this is going. Yep, we left the key in the keyhole rather than it's normal resting place on top of the television.

I have not got a clue where it might be. I was checking under every piece of furniture with no results and trying to think where she might have left it. Not a hope in hell until it re-emerges as objects tend to do, a few weeks later.

I had to turn my hand to breaking and entering and devised a clever wire hook system for locking the cabinet if need be.

It's funny how memories work, feathers always remind me of 3rd year Physics. I remember our physics teacher (Mrs Bailey) had a glass vacuum tube with a feather and a nail or something in it. In normal circumstances the nail would fall quicker than the feather due to wind resistance but in a vacuum they both fell at exactly the same speed.

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