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George Stephenson "Rocket"

George Stephenson (1781- 1848) (the Father of the Railways), was a Victorian engineer and pioneer. He was the engineer on the Stockton to Darlington railway and in 1825 the very first passenger carriages were pulled by Locomotion No 1, He and his son, Robert, won the Rainhill speed trials with the 'Rocket'. The opening of the Stockton to Darlington railway and the success of the 'Rocket' stimulated the growth of railway companies and construction of locomotives across the country, revolutionising travel and the transportation of goods.

At the University where I work one of the colleges is called "George Stephenson College" in the grounds of the college is a full size replica of the Rocket.

So you will see that a few of my blips are all connected from the Skerne Bridge to the Mallard (Brick Train), both in my home town. So be it business or pleasure I'm surrounded by the history of George Stephenson.
looks great large

Hope you all have had a great day - and are looking forward to a great weekend!! :-)

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