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By ajt

Behold The Mighty Iron

Very bitty day today. Started with a pile of dirty laundry to feed into the washing machine and a small pile of clean laundry to press. As I knew we would be out and about today I started blipping early. I tried a few shots of the iron, the laundry and just before I actually started to iron I noticed that with the flash firing the background goes nice and dark and by fluke a wall light behind the iron gives it a halo like glow. A bit of photo manipulation and it could be a deity in a cheap fantasy film...

After the ironing, we took one of the bikes to get it's chain repaired, then on the same trip we went to local authority waste and recycling facility to get rid of a load of stuff, and finally on the way home via the supermarket to refill with stuff.

We've just had a late lunch and now the evening shift begins!

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