Blipper's Daily (?)

By blipper


Off for lunch to Wagamama today since the whole family (except my daughter) seem to agree with me that they love the food there. Had a great lunch:

Chilli Chicken Ramen (above)
Chilli Beef Ramen
Yaki Udon
Firecracker Prawns (highly recommended)
Miso soup and pickles
BBQ ribs
Chilli squid
Chicken Yakitori
Plum wine, coke etc

Came back home and managed to complete the scanning of my old B&W negative films for the Time Machine Project (now thinking of starting on my slides and, possibly, old prints). Posted a few more shots into the project:

Topcon RM300
Wells Cathedral Steps
All in a Good Cause
Waccy Baccy???
Revising Hard?
Bath University Campus

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