My Three Beauties

My three darlings are (L to R): Max, Laura Earle, and Carlo.

I was unusually lucky in getting this shot of all three together. It's not easy to capture the beauty of just the two boys, even though they're almost always cuddled up. I often lose the best effect of Carlo's face because he closes his eyes just in time to avoid seeing the flash. Here I supressed the flash and pointed a desk lamp at them as I yelled and waved my free arm. At first I wasn't trying to include the girl but after capturing her ear in a few shots, I kept shooting. This capture pleases and surprises me because all three heads are complete, not against too dark a background, and passingly clear.

These are the three little beings who lay their paws on me every day. Look at how beautiful they are! I love them and I'm proud of them.

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