From where i stand!!!

By Dancingninja

A little heart

For all you lovely people in blipland!!! Hands for the 30 day challenge!!

Can't stop in the middle of cooking a roast for what was the mother in law and now a couple of extras in the shape of dad and step mum. Beefs in the oven and thats as far as I got before being distracted with my blip of the day!!

Chinese was lovely last night even if the decor was a little rough round the edges seemed to be stuck in an old English pub time warp!!! Yes a Chinese restaurant dressed up as an old English pub bizarre but service and food excellent so who can ask for more!!

Right here I am waffling as usual when in an hour I have to have roast on the table and be the hostessest with the mostest at this rate they're gonna be cooking it them selves!!!

Catch you all later!!

:) xx

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