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Your So Vane

Today's puntastic blip is brought to you in association with Thursday Puntastic Blip Entry!

Spent the day up in Ross on Wye with my brother and other assorted Walton's.

We went for a walk in the afternoon, just for some fresh air, and to stretch the legs. We managed to count 14 species of bird on just a short walk, and a 15th possible Yellowhammer and a 16th possible Redwing. Both shot into hedgerows before we got a proper look.

A sparrowhawk followed us down the street, flitting from roof top to roof top. I managed to get a marginally better photo of it here, converted to black and white so I could retain some detail! I will get my sparrowhawk shot this year, I promise you.

I loved this old fashioned Weathercock on top of one of the houses, it lent itself to a good silhouette to the slate grey sky behind. I have accentuated the greyness of the sky, and burnt in the edges to frame the central image ... hope you like it!

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