Pigeon dusk

I think I've fallen into the late January doldrums. The frosty weather gave me a brief injection of energy and enthusiasm, but that seems to have declined again as the grey clouds have rolled in, and the wind's got up.

It's certainly feeling quite spring-like today: the snowdrops are in full bloom in the orchard and today I saw the first purple flower of Crocus tommasinianus in the lawn. There are primroses, Cyclamen coum and Iris reticulata flowering in the front garden too. Even so, I feel photographically uninspired. Perhaps I need a change of scene :)

Today seems to have been occupied preparing for the coming week. Now that Alex is at college I realise how easy and relaxed home education is in comparison! But he's finally finished his presentation, and I've prepared calzone for his packed lunch, as well as a tray of chocolate brownies for a friend's birthday.

I eventually braved the high winds and took the dogs for a late afternoon walk. We went on a slightly different route, to avoid the worst of the mud, and I caught a rather feeble sunset, reflecting in the river. The pigeon was a lucky accident.

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