Another Beautiful Day

By drewzealand

Luna Park

Day six
A bit cloudier but still lovely.What a great place for an amusement park,underneath the Sydney harbour bridge.What dynamics all around us.We went with Robyn,James and Sam and had a great night.We almost got stuck on the mad mouse roller coaster but close only counts...not this time.As Teejay mentioned last week,she wished she had packed her tripod for luna park,well I did and proceeded to get a tap on the shoulder.If I didn't put it away I'd get a 550 dollar fine.Like WTF,I never did get an explanation and I never did see the THE SIGN that mentioned there was to be no tripods,so away it went like any good lil kiwi would do,yeah right.Bookem Dano.
Too many photos to choose from,the face won out.Last night in Sydney,bummer.

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