Always Something There To Remind Me


This is officially TSWE ( The Shittest Week Ever ), that's according to my wonderfully lovely positive friend

I would like to point out that she also says that this week is a lesson of free life training and that I must " be grateful that someone/something (shitty) is taking the time to teach you something (this is hard but go with it and trust me) "

Bless her fantastically positive socks

It is a really hard week ahead, it's been booked for some time ( this is not TTTCNBMP ) and I need ten tonnes of strength

Luckily I have ten tonnes of friends, Alan has been round feeding us tonight and helping with important paper work.

Friends are always there to remind you how good life is as are rainbows. This was taken on the way back from the pharmacist today when it had been pissing it down for ages and just when I really needed inspiration there it was.

It's not the clearest shot and what are those bloody trees doing in the way but I love the fairytaleness ( it's a word, don't argue with me tonight ) of the street art framed by this beautiful rainbow

It's a 5/10 shot but it's beautiful and it's my meagre blip offering.

Shall have to rescue this with some music again, be very afraid


oh and thanks for the comments for the last few days. I am sorry I am not up to it much I will catch up as soon as I can, you are all lovely x

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