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By eosferret

Angkor Wat

Today our holiday really starts. Mrs eosferret & I have wanted to come here (and I mean really been planning it) since we last had a holiday but boy H was too small. At age 3 we figured he was now old enough to drag around the magnificent temples of Cambodia. We took the easy option today and organized a van and guide through the hotel to visit the amazing Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and Ta Phrom temples.

Driving along the moat towards the entrance to Angkor Wat was truly wonderful. This is another of those places like (& I know those Brits among you will laugh at my colonial naivety) Tower bridge or the Houses of Parliament/Big Ben in London that generated that "it really does exist" sense of awe!

This is one of the true wonders of the world and is awe-inspiring in its beauty, complexity and sheer size.

Despite this there is even more to humble the tourist in the other temples that are within a few minute drive of Angkor Wat.

Those of you who have read my blip journal to date would know that I don't write much but Angkor Wat and it's surrounds are worth writing about.

If you haven't been to Cambodia to see these temples YOU MUST COME!

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