WeeWifie's Wonderland

By weewifie


Today I'm finally medicated to the pain.

I went to the doctors this morning who promptly seen my face full of pain and my teary eyes and prescribed me some strong drugs.

Root canal work began Thursday when the root came out and the immense pain begun. Monday I returned to the dentist thinking it would be filled and the pain begone. But alas
- no. The roots been filled and a temporary filling done on top! I have to return for a proper filling at a later date which I've booked for 6th February as the date I could go next week they're closed for training! Today I was forced to take the day off work as was too painful and teary to do my job as an operating theatre nurse. No wonder people end up scared of the dentist! I'm scared! Scared of this never ending pain he is causing.

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