Rush Minute and a Half

Ah well, at least the clouds aren't getting in the way of us seeing any Northern Lights tonight. No, we can't even see those for all the fog.

Interesting day yesterday with numerous requests from people to use Sunday's picture in various publications. Even had poor G fielding requests from ITV late into last night for requests to use the Northern Lights shots that were doing the rounds on blipfoto (sorry about all that G). It all left me in a bit of a quandary again, over how much we sometimes sell ourselves short on here, for the sake of some extra exposure. Andy had a good old rant about it the other day after someone rattled his cage and I've had my run-ins with organisations in the past over blatant abuse of our willingness to share. Ok, I did allow my picture to be published elsewhere for nothing more than a namecheck (I mean, ITV at 6am in the morning? There must have been, what, dozens of people saw that before Lorraine Kelly came on), and I was happy to share it elsewhere to like-minded enthusiasts. I think what brought it home was when one national newspaper said they were interested in using the shot, but after I asked if there might be a fee involved (after all, they sell lots of papers, they no doubt pay for their other photos) I never heard back from them. Maybe I'm just being overly cynical, but I think we need to draw the line somewhere.

Back down to earth and on blipfoto today I came to the realisation that I've maybe become a bit insular in the way I'm using the site, after I was pointed in the direction of a belter of a journal that I hadn't come across before. I seem to be sticking to within a circle of subscriptions, some that go way back to when I first joined and when my interests maybe lay elsewhere within photography. I got to thinking that maybe it's time for a bit of a sub-shuffle to liven things up and see what else is on here I'm missing. Nothing personal of course, just looking for a bit of a refresh.

A change is as good as a rest they say. Which all applies equally to any of you subscribers to this journal that might feel the same. I'm big. I can take it. And I don't keep a big list of subscribers to compare if anyone does move on, unlike some I've heard about in the past.

Or do I....

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