By mrdaniel

The Source

Today I visited the bottling plant and source of Equil, Indonesia's upmarket natural mineral water, sold in most of Jakarta's restaurants, and exported to Southeast Asia.

To be a "natural mineral water" it has to apparently be a single brand that is only bottled on the location of its source. In the today's blip you can see the source flowing up, in the bottom left.

"Villa D' Equilibrium" is a 2hr drive south of Jakarta on the slopes of Mt Salak. The source of Equil was apparently discovered in 1998 by a local shaman, with the aquifier at 80m underground. The water apparently takes 150 years to reach the source since it once fell as rain.

No treatment is done to the water at all, it simply flows up from the aquifier and straight into the bottle, by means of a high-tech mostly automated bottling plant.

It will be nice to think back to this visit when I'm served Equil in the future.

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