Granton Eastern Breakwater Panorama

The day was saved by a lightening of the sky around 3pm, which pushed us finally into going to the supermarket. We have been saving this chore since the weekend, having originally been informed our lift - missing in action for ten weeks - would be back on Monday evening. It was not. But it was back by the time I arrived back from a very pleasant dinner at The Honours on Tuesday evening, although it doesn't seem to be working very smoothly. I suspect it may suffer an ordinary mechanical breakdown fairly soon.

Early parts of the day are best forgotten. About halfway through the morning I discovered that there had been some sort of local/remote saving problem with my computer at work, with the result that the version of the file I had been working on late yesterday afternoon, and which I then put in dropbox to work on at home, was not the one I was expecting. But I didn't discover I was missing the proper copy, which I managed to retrieve in the end by other means, until after I had started amending an old version. I ended up comparing the two versions side by side on the laptop screen, which was not a pleasant experience for a 110+ page document. The various compare and compile tools in Word did not seem to do the trick. I think I have now retrieved the situation and will be even more paranoid about stashing copies in different places from now on.

Anyway, after it brightened up we headed out in the car determined to bring such a weight of shopping back from the supermarket that the lift would never break again, and we swung by the Granton Eastern Breakwater, which - in seven years in Edinburgh - we had never set foot on. What a wonderful feeling of space it gives, and it was a great opportunity to use the Arclight's panorama function, which had its last outing in Cullen in the early days of the new year, in order to make the sky the star of the show, as it deserved to be.

Granton. An interesting place. Best viewed embigginated of course.

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