again and again and again

There must be a switch somewhere in fashionable London; once a year someone suddenly decides to throw it and across the louder portions of the city huge neon signs light up with the words "QUICK! Head up to Edinburgh and act like a cock!"

For example: I was waiting outside the Cameo for The Dark Knight to begin when some trap-hooting loudposh yahfolk gradually swanned up person by person and drove me swiftly inside with their loud greeting-each-other honking and general twattery. The names of four of them were Dominic, Hamish, Naomi and Ruben. I expect at least two of the others were called Tarquin or a suitable equivalent. I had to install my earplugs when they eventually swanned auditoriumwards and sat behind (BASTARDS) me and waffled away during the opening short, adverts and trailers but were mercifully almost entirely silent during the film, as were the small children directly in front of me. They all started up at full volume the instant the credits rolled but credit where it's due; some yahs know how to behave in the cinema. A new and rare fact.


Although this entry is partly just because the first picture I posted was a low-level shot of Gilmour Street and I did it last year and apparently couldn't stop myself doing so this year it's also been assignmented. Any guesses/reasoning?

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