No Need to Get Up Tighter....

West Coast of Scotland. Summer.

This is what it mostly looks like.

One summer I remember when it was hot. It was hot, and sticky, and after the Saturday night disco, a gang of about 30 of us, headed to the beach at 1 am in the morning.

Bottles were clinked, and bonfires were started. Clothes were disgarded and naked bodies ran into the sea. As I sat by one of the fires, there was a tremendous clap, followed by another.

The sky then lit up, over, and over and over. And then the rain came. Torrential.

I was sitting and watched amused (and probably a little drunk), as the naked bodies ran from the sea and threw their clothes on before running for shelter. Eventually I stood up, everyone was gone, and I started to walk.

As I walked the 2 miles home, a car pulled up, and offered me a lift, to save me getting wet. I told them I couldn't get any wetter, it was all cool.

The car came back about 2 minutes later, and one of the occupants got out. He didn't want me to walk alone home, so I let him accompany me. We dried off at the house, he asked for a date, and I said yes. And then mum took him home.

I stood him up. What a bad person I am.

I'm sorry for that. But you wouldn't have liked me sober and dry.

I'm sorry for that.

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