Occasionally Focused

By tsuken

Abomination. Do not eat.

"And these are they which ye shall have in abomination among the fowls; they shall not be eaten, they are an abomination: the eagle, and the ossifrage, and the ospray, / And the vulture, and the kite after his kind; / Every raven after his kind; / And the owl, and the night hawk, and the cuckow, and the hawk after his kind, / And the little owl, and the cormorant, and the great owl, / And the swan, and the pelican, and the gier eagle, / And the stork, the heron after her kind, and the lapwing, and the bat."

Well... I wasn't really planning to eat it anyway, but ok. ;-)

I took a few photos this morning of wattlebirds and (I think) butcher birds flitting about in the trees. I was going to blip a butcher bird, but happily I waited for a bit. Later on I went and sat outside to see if they came around any closer without getting disturbed by me opening the front door. I heard wings, and looked about, spying what I thought was a wattlebird. Whipped up e camera, and saw it was not in fact a Wattlebird, but this young (it'd be a year old) sparrowhawk. Snapsnapsnapsnapsnap! - till it flew away (I didn't manage to get it in flight, sadly).

I chose this shot because of the slightly turned head, and the piercing eye.

Click to empredatenate.

I cropped this to enlarge, and decided that 4:5 was a better aspect ration than the 4:3 I shot. I sharpened it a bit (not too much, given the amount of crop), applied a screen layer (100% opacity) and then an overlay layer (a little under 50% opacity) masked just to the hawk. I then duplicated one of those layers - including its mask - inverted the mask, and pulled down the RGB curve a touch on everything except the hawk.

Click here to unprocess it.

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