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By TMLHereAndThere

Summer afternoon in Nelson

Gradually getting everything sorted out - I've managed to cross a few more things off the list today (though of course new things have cropped up to be added to it!).

Somehow most of the morning seemed to disappear talking to my sister Helena and CleanSteve as well as my friends Alison and Sayra - both of whom have been the subject of blips in the past - on Skype. Alison has recently returned to England from Bahrain but will be moving overseas again before the end of the year, while Sayra commutes back and forth between London and Bahrain, so we are all feeling rather 'nomadic' - not quite in one place or the other. However, all of them in their various homes in Gloucestershire, Hampshire and Battersea, were very envious of the bright, sunny day behind me on the screen and said it looked wonderful.

Immy and I headed over to the other side of town in the early afternoon as my mother-in-law had come in from the farm on various errands and had dropped by at Jonathan and Lynley's to see how they were settling in. We hadn't seen her since we arrived, so it was a happy family reunion - for about half an hour or so, before she had to dash off again to do something about labels for her jars of preserves that she will be selling at the market on Saturday. Jonathan was in the middle of installing a new freezer in preparation for the expected delivery tomorrow of - vegetarians look away now - half a steer. My mother-in-law has recently had one of her beasts home-killed in order to provide beef for them and, although they already had two small freezers, apparently that still won't provide enough space for the various cuts that will turn up tomorrow.... Lynley had a slightly haunted look about her as she continued to upack boxes with this meaty prospect looming. And apparently on Saturday she must dig over the veggie garden. Did I mention that they moved house yesterday and have two children aged under three?! I once read in a book (by Pete McCarthy, I think) the line 'New Zealand is less a country and more an obstacle course,' which made me laugh at the time as it struck me as so true. There's not much sitting around here..... in fact, Jonathan then had to leave in order to return the trailer that The Warehouse had lent him to haul the freezer home. Do home appliance retailers in many other countries offer this service, I wonder? I suppose it's very helpful as it saves on delivery charges.

I was sitting - yes, sitting around, albeit briefly! - in a cafe this afternoon looking across the street at this building on the corner of Trafalgar St and Selwyn Place, just below the Cathedral (nice in LARGE). I'm afraid I don't yet know the name of the building as I haven't started my planned foray into the history of the city, but it is most attractive and struck me as a summery scene very different from the view from any cafe I know in Bahrain, so I'm blipping it for Alison, Sayra and Helena, who said she wanted to be here!

On another note, there has been a whale stranding at Farewell Spit in Golden Bay over the past few days. Another blipper, twigs, has done some great blips about it - worth checking out if you haven't seen them.

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