By EgyptUnveiled

Yasser Hambouli in Calabouche (Jail)

A trip to Luxor today with a friend had almost ended, when he recieved a call to go the Police Station in Medina Street. A friend of his needed some help and so I sat in the car, watching the streets, looking for a potential Blip.

A small crowd started to gather in front of the main doors and plain clothed officers ran to move vans and cars parked outside. I knew something was happening, closed the windows and waited for the car to lock it'self. Now I could hear noise and chants, car horns beeping loud and constantly. My friend came rushing out 'Come Helen, quickly, Yasser Hambouli has been arrested'

Now this was exciting! My heart started to pound as I ducked behind the crazed people, trying to find a good position to take a photo.

For many months this man has been in hiding as he stole cars, robbed homes, killed people, hijacked a hot air balloon and stole new gas bottles. Now, this thief had been caught in Zania, just outside of Karnak and the people are jubilant!

People chanted 'Peace, we want peace, the Police and the people are together with one hand'

The latest news is he is being paraded around Luxor under armed Guard!

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