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Calne Town Lock

I have complained before that I don't care for the insensitive destruction of habitat that is being imposed around the nature reserve at Castlefields Park in Calne. Less contentious is the restoration of the lock at the point that divides the River Marden and the Calne Branch of the Wilts and Berks Canal. Work is currently underway and is due to be finished in February, thanks to grants totalling some £78,000.

The Calne town lock was a headwater of the Wilts and Berks Canal system and used to draw its water from the adjacent River Marden. Unfortunately, the restored canal only runs for a few hundred yards before coming to a halt, and there are no plans to make the lock actually work!

I had to use my compact as the fencing wires were too close together for my DSLR lenses to poke through or keep out of the shot.

"Town Lock Project

"Work to renovate the Calne Town Lock in Castlefields Park is now underway. There is a path diversion in operation from Station Road for the whole construction time (approximately until mid-February).
"The work is being carried out by Thornbury Surfacing Ltd., to plans drawn up by Nicholas Pearson Associates, If you have any queries or want to know more about the works please contact Denis on 01249 816116 or email "

"A total of £78,086 has now received towards the Town Lock Project.
CARP would like to thank the following organisations and businesses for their support:

Groundworks (for the Big Lottery) £ 49,785
Hills Waste LCF £ 19,040
Calne Lions Club £ 3,940
Wiltshire Council (Calne Area Board) £ 2,821
Wessex Water £ 2,500

"Although there are no plans to return the structure to a fully working lock at present, the planned improvements will include: Completion of brickwork restoration, faux lock gates at both ends of the lock structure, themed picnic tables/artworks within the lock which will give the appearance of a canal narrowboat in the lock, interpretation boards and other features. When this project is completed it will establish the lock as a historic feature within the park and so provide a visible link to the Wilts & Berks Canal as part of Calne's industrial heritage."


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