Richie Boo

By RichieBoo

"Boo"tiful Lilly...

What can I say - except a BIG massive THANK YOU.!! As a result of great blipper friends I end back up in the "SpotLight"

Well at least I can say thank you for not saying I look like "John Nettles" as one my friends who always sees a photo of me always without fail says you are "John Nettles" (in his youth of course lol)


1 FRIDAY - WooHoo!!

2 One of the Lillie's opened on the floral arrangements that got delivered the other day so today a picture with NO photoshop!

3 It was hard not to process it with photoshop lol (It is working, but I'm being too overzealous with my creations) and sometimes things of beauty derserve to be shown in their natural beauty

4 Had another 5K run and missed by personal best by 21 secs!

5 It's now the Weekend

I will now sit here and listen to some music and peruse my fellow blippers blips and ease myself nicely into a state of no work mode for at least one day (Should see the washing pile I have for Sunday! - Even Cinders didn't have it that bad!)

Wishing you all the very best and hope you all have a great weekend,

Yo So - A lilly dedicated to you as promised :-)

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