This lot are quite amazingly creative when left alone.
I had to do a cut out of The Houses of Parliament and Tower Bridge (I think the Architects put on all those pointy wiggly bits just to confound illustrators) so I gave Danny Zebedee and Gulli the video camera to make a film. About 3 hours later I had to deal with some minor chemical burns from halloween makeup that seems to have gone toxic and the wreckage of the house but they seem to have produced something they are happy with (i can hear the hilarity from downstairs as they watch the playback)
Anyway At one point, exhausted by the creativity they sat on the stairs outside my studio and formed themselves into this totem pole, so I blipped it!

The Film '3 Stoopid kids' was so deeply disturbing and unpleasant that I've had to deem it not fit for blip consumption I'm afraid. Maybe one day a very edited version will be released if the director agrees to have his creativity neutered. I had to watch it 3 times.

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