Oh, the fireony

Clouds that is. Looked a bit strange passing over the Wee County this afternoon so they did.

Spent a good part of the day 'back on the tools', putting together a press ad and a quick flyer for a relative. One of those ideas discussed and arranged over a few drinks last night but during which I'd forgot to ask when the deadline was. Lie-in this morning was shelved after I found out it was close of business tomorrow.

Anyhow, all sorted now and it was good getting my teeth back into something I've not being doing enough of recently, even though it did remind me why I decided to move on from doing all that sort of thing.

Now that's all done, I can go off and get my breakfast now.

Bloody 'ell, is that the time...

Sorry, don't normally do this - change a blip once it's up - but there was a fire just down the road from us after I'd posted this and it's made for a more exciting post. Nobody hurt and it looks like the three engines that arrived caught the fire before any major damage was done.

The ironic thing is, all the stuff above there talking about me working on some designs for relative, well, it's for the shop that's in the shot up there, the one with the black shutters. Thankfully, due in part to the big 2 foot walls between the houses down here, it doesn't look like there's a lot of damage to our niece's shop. Smells a bit, but should hopefully be OK in the morning.

Need to change the ad and leaflet to 'Fire Sale' now though...

Apologies to all those below who have commented on the earlier photo.

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