All that is beautiful

By sharob


So .. I've been taking lots of portrait pictures for friends and have decided that I actually need to do something with it. So, I put a lot of overtime in over Christmas, waiting for end of Feb payday and I'm going to buy myself some lights and a backdrop so that I can do portraits the way most people like them. I personally, prefer my method of sitting a child by a window and using a bedsheet as a backdrop, but apparently that doesn't sell. No matter how good the picture!!

But hey ho!

So, I've decided that I need to really re-learn and learn more about the camera. I have mastered aperture and get the shots that I love. But I've not toyed with shutter speed, and mostly, I've not messed around with all 3 major settings to make them all work together. I also don't enjoy post processing ... I like to make sure that the picture I wanted was the one I got ..

I've decided to do my own personal 365 project, I've started it on FB, and will extend it here so that I can get critique / advice from you lovely blippers!

I will try to put the camera details too as I think they're important in helping me to learn where I'm going ...

Camera Mode M, WB manually set against gray card
Things I did - ISO-3200, 1/80, 50mm, no flash, focus
Things camera did - f/5.6, meter mode Pattern
Processed in GIMP - picked out highlights
Need to use a lamp so I can drop the ISO.

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