An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

It's official.....

.....I will do virtually anything to get my daily blip, including raking in wheelie bins and today's blip is proof!!

Over the past 300 odd blips, there have been many times where, due to time constraints and lack of outdoors opportunity, I have literally been prowling the house looking for something to blip in an effort not to have a blank day.

Well finding myself in exactly that position today and deciding after taking some test shots that I really COULDN'T blip my ironing pile, I was left with no choice but to rake the bloody wheelie bins! Oh the humiliation. Not sure if any of the neighbours spotted me (I no longer lift my eyes to the street just incase the happen see one of them) Thankfully my discarded birthday roses that I blipped HERE were squashed on the top of the bin and saved you from a gut wrenching an arty shot of last night's chicken with lime and coconut leftovers and a squished milk carton!!!

So, there you have it.

Time is really short tonight. Got a pile of stuff to pack for the house move, need to pop to Ele's to collect a little something she was picking up for me today that I want to photograph for a canvas print, David the architect is popping in with the final (fingers crossed) plans for the house adaptations and somewhere in among all that I have to make dinner, hang up washings, do a pile of ironing a shirt and get work stuff organised for tomorrow.

It would have been so much easier not to blip tonight but I just CANNOT ignore the compulsion to upload a photo! What is that all about??!! ;-)))

I won't be any less busy tomorrow might so brace yourselves for something equally shite as at this rate, it's entirely possible I will be blipping toenail clippings! (in Mono, natch! ;-)

Catch up with your wonderful journals later I hope. xxx

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