Confusing Contentment

By blouseybrown

More magic

I have a spinning top which lights up through the motion of turning round. I spun it on the top of my closed macbook with its steampunk gelskin.

Izzy whizzy, let's get busy!

I took some pictures using a new app called ActionSnap, which takes multiple shots at intervals you set and then pastes them together in one of 5 possible layouts.


I edited one of them in an app called Magic Canvas. Sucks the colour out then lets me paint it back with my finger.


I edited the date so that I didn't go into moderation using Photo Tagger. As all the previous processes lose the Exif data.

Smoke and mirrors.

Then I used AndroBlip to upload from my phone.

Alien technology, I tell you!

No wonder I have trouble sleeping sometimes.

In other news, I made spiced braised red cabbage tonight. Two and a half hours slow cooking. Going to freeze it in portions. The smell has permeated the whole house and is devine and making my mouth water.

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