Constant Exposure

By constant

Rock 'N Roll

Another HDR blip (obviously). This time I went to extremes. I used Photomatix for the HDR processing with a little touch up in Bibble. Here is the middle exposure of the three taken so you can see what the original images looked like.

Interestingly the sky was not added. It's actually in the image data but very subtle. If you looked closely at it you'd see lots of noise in the sky.

Not very original but still fun to do and fun to learn. I love fairground images and am very inspired by David Nightingale's stuff (not that this is anything like his but I'm aiming for that, some day).

The blip was taken at Oak's Park amusement ground in Portland, right be the Sellwood Bridge on the east side of Portland. The kids had a great time there, even though we got a little rain.

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