Richard's Photo Journal

By jricardo27

Just coins

Note: I updloaded the picture but blipfoto put it vertical, then I resampled it to 4:3 from 16:9, thats why it looks compressed.

Today I found in my wallet a 2 Argentine pesos coin, there are relatively new, I think they were introduced two months ago.
I took a picture of it along side with other 1 Argentine peso coins and one 1 Brazilian real I was given the week before.
There are five 1 peso coins but they are different, from upper left to right:

- Bicentenary commemorative, "Mar del Plata", this city is one of the most visited by Argentinians when they go to the beach; its symbol is a sea lion.

- Bicentenary commemorative, "Glaciar Perito Moreno" the more famous Argentine glacial.

- Old 1 peso coin, it just has the country's shield on it.

- Bicentenary commemorative, "Aconcagua", highest mountain in the Americas.

- Bicentenary commemorative, "Pucara de Tilcara" prehispanic archaeological place on the north of Argentine.

This bunch of coins is barely equivalent to 2 dollars.

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