Just the Withers......

By JaneW

A brand new month....

WHAT shall we get up to in this one then.. well,I have a vague idea already.... half term is in February,and we all know how much I love a school holiday.... I shall be seeing the Long suffering Jayney and Nigella soon,a day out with Pidge and Dancing ninja again....a few nights out booked in.... yep,I reckon I shall enjoy this month !!!!! what I have is PMA positive mental attitude .... don't ever think that I don't have 'down' weeks/months,but I tell you what,you will never know as I am NOT ever going to broadcast it on the world wide web... not my style you see.

This blip today is dedicated to the afor'mentioned long suffering Jayne Upton,she is a BRILLIANT friend,I shall say no more,she goes a bit funny.

p.s I realise this sounds a bit 'off' but a few mums at school were moaning how much they hate their kids home for school holidays,well,I ponder screeching at them 'why the fuck did you have more than one' or 'piss off and take your miserable faces elsewhere'... see,I don't care... just don't spread your misery to me ,take it to someone who cares.

(disclaimer) I realise some of MY friends have to work,please do not confuse my rant with that,as people often do,because that often ends with me falling out with those who take offence for the sake of it.

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