Ramblings of a psychotog!

By AndyCabb

Rab and Wullie

I took a cycle into stirling today.
It was good to be back on the saddle, its been about two weeks since ive had a decent ride out on the bike.
It was a good day for it too, though it got a bit cold up on the castle esplanade while taking this shot.
For those of you Not from these shores, I shall explain who is in the shot.
The statue is of Robert The Bruce.....King of scotland and defeater of the English at the battle of Bannockburn in 1314.
Behind him is the Monuement in honor of his Battle Buddy William Wallace who raised an Army from the scottish Clans (an event in itself) and sent the English Armys south with there tails between there legs at the Battle of Stirling Bridge (1297). In fact the lowground between the castle and the monuement is more or less where that battle took place.
I was suprised at the amount of tourists there was up there today.
I was asked a few times to take shots of American couples against the amazing backdrop of the ochil hills and the castle. Maybe a buisness opertunity during the summer months...a wee banner advertising my services as a potrait photographer for couples who want a shot taken together....saying that im sure you could get as good results with a wall and setting the shutter timer!

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