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50 Pence

This is fifty pee or pence. I like them. When I was a small child in school, our text books talked about the new decimal money but didn't know what the design was going to be so only showed the 50p in outline. I thought that this was strange as it was then 1976 and they had been in circulation for years by then. I suppose that shows that poor education spending is nothing new.

Anyhow back to the 50p, which as everyone here* knows isn't round, it's a equilaterally curved heptagon. Even though it's not a circle it has a constant diameter, which apparently means that coin machines can work easily with them.

I like our funny shaped coins, Euro coins are boring by comparison. I separate out the specials, this one is for the 250th anniversary of the publication of Samuel Johnson's Dictionary of the English Language. I picked this one for today just because it has the work pence on it.

Irrelevant of the politics of the Euro, I think the Euro coins are not well designed, there are lots of small ones that aren't worth much and all of them are boring and round. They do at least have some bi-colour designs, which is a saving grace of sorts.

Eventually I'll get bored of macro and the weather will improve, but until it does, this is what I'm blipping at the moment.

* I mean in the UK.

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