Much better today, just a bit sneezy, although I didn't go out.

I've just sent off my RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch results - and, like other blippers, am rather disappointed. Although we feed exactly the same food at just the same time and watch from the same window they don't come to be counted, even though the weather is very cold; and those that did were in smaller numbers. 'Tis mystery all...

This one, and its friends, did show up though. They're usually on the niger seed down the garden but one seems to like the mixed feeder near the house. Seen close-to, instead of through binoculars, I'm surprised how small they are. I take this to be a female but I don't know the transitional phases of Siskins' plumage so am happy to be corrected.

Like all my garden photos, this was taken through double-glazed plate glass (which, despite being cleaned very recently, is again covered in smuts) and I haven't adjusted the colour.

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