Englishman in Bandung

By Vodkaman

Cute girl

I was just about to head down the road in search of a blip, when this image floated by. I guy with a hand cart caused the car to stop right in front of me so I snapped this before the little girl had a chance to hide. The chances of getting anything better for the blip were low, so I called it a wrap for the day.

Wifey came by earlier in the day, to retrieve some money that I borrowed before payday last month. She charged me 20% interest! I'll have to remember that next time she borrows off me, but then again, Tesa never pays me back anyway.

I was hoping to grab a blip of Tesa, but she refused because she looked like she had arrived on the back of a motorbike, in fact she did arrive on the back of a motorbike. She normally loves having a photograph taken, but I made the mistake of explaining about blip and so now she wants to look her best, duh!


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