By tolu


I learned something from nature today....

I walked, a-mulling and a-stewing over a life problem as tricky as an insolvable equation. My tendency is to be extreme in my solutions - out with the old, in with the new, out with the crap, in with something better, if I don't like it here, go somewhere else!

I trudged up a muddy path flanked on either side by trees and frozen grassy verges. The walkers that had gone before me had left wet footprints in which ice had frozen and the low sunlight was bouncing off them. A humble muddy path had been transformed into a street of gold*
And it was beautiful (if slippery!) to behold.

Nature had left a little message quite literally, in my path.....

Beautiful things can come of mundane and difficult ones in the right conditions. Don't give up, even if right now you only have some mud and footprints to work with....

*I tweaked the colours a little to make the photo look more like it did to the naked eye but its still not quite as 'golden'


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