Icy Leaves

I have drugs! Thankyou for all the kind concerns over my toothache yesterday. I took everyone's advice apart from the spirits (sorry guys but don't do spirits) and managed to plead my way in past the very nice but protective receptionist to get to my lovely dentist this morning, although her saying 'Can you get here in half an hour?' prompted some serious activity involving jim-jams, showers, flossing, brushing, floshing, brushing again, feeding cat from the pair of us! Mr S and I made a deal that he wouldn't remove the offending tooth this time as amoxycilin should do the trick, but NEXT TIME (I won't go there till I have to.) So a combination of Tony's ingenious heat pad, ibuprofen by the bucketload and now anti-biotic means I am a much nicer person today.

So I took a walk to the garden centre to fill up on fatty stuff for the birds ahead of the threatened cold snap, intending to blip some birds from the hide in St Ives en route, but the forestry guys were chopping down trees (is that why our tree is straining under the weight of little feathered things this afternoon?) Anyway, I found this ice over the stream and thought it was quite pretty. Now I'm off to try and get my 'My 70s' onto the Johnny Walker Show.
ps isn't Scotland the World Over just the best?!

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